4 London Bands to Curl Up With This Winter Season - December 11, 2019

"If you are a fan of instrumental guitar music, you can’t go wrong with local gem Michael Trudgen. His 2018 release, All the Pretty Things, features many upbeat and lively tracks that wouldn’t be out of place at a summer festival, but tracks like Lullaby and Weightlessness have an ethereal quality that bring to mind a gentle snowfall. Also make sure to check out track Lazy Sunday, featuring exquisite, almost ghostlike vocals from local favourites The Pairs. Make this song your soundtrack for a wintery, waffle-filled Sunday morning.” ~ Sammy Roach,

Guitarist Michael Trudgen - November 10, 2019

“Guitarist Michael Trudgen perform an acoustic set with his unforgettable creativity. This southern Ontario artist born in Chatham, Ontario, Canada, lived his childhood in small rural area of Ridgetown, and a family rich in music.” ~ Lifoti Magazine

Canadian Musician Magazine Showcase - July 19, 2019

"London, ON is where percussive fingerstyle guitarist Michael Trudgen calls home. His latest release is last year’s full-length All the Pretty Things, a 12-track album on which Trudgen’s smooth style easily transcends a number of genres, including folk, bluegrass, and pop-infused rock. He also incorporates a full band on many of the tracks, which brings them into a new sonic dimension.  Where the bulk of today’s songwriters and musicians rely upon words to help paint effective pictures for the listener, crafting instrumental music that is both compelling and captivating is no small feat, yet it’s something that Trudgen has done remarkably well on his latest collection." ~ Canadian Musician Magazine

Reverb_Reviews: Michael Trudgen "All The Pretty Things" Album - December 5, 2018

"Imagine walking into a venue… The stage isn’t visible yet. In the distance, you hear what sounds like at least two classical guitarists playing off each other’s melodies. Once the stage is in view, you might be a bit surprised to see this singular, immense figure with his acoustic guitar generating this rich, enchanting tapestry of tunes. This is not a trick. It certainly isn’t an illusion. It’s Michael Trudgen – a one man band and maestro speaking through his music. His upcoming album, All The Pretty Things, will only serve these notions further." ~ Ryan Labreche,

Michael Trudgen self-titled Album Review - June 8, 2017

"There are certain writers who are known as “writer’s writers,” who are known for not being so well known by the public but revered by those who are well known as the real masters of their craft. I would classify Michael Trudgen as a guitarist’s guitarist.” Anyone who really loves the craft of the guitar will admire this record, and I, who cannot play a note to save my life, am also in awe." ~ Jamie Robash, Divide & Conquer Magazine